To Michael (6 May 1944)

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My dear old M - once you go whole {lrog}, I mereserved approve of your disregard of shades of meaning in matress of ultimate belief. Do you know, always strongly felt that no other than a spiritual approval to man's nature makes any {xemse}. Do you remember my article “Hit és hiszékenység”, written, I believe, in 1912? And my march-speech of 1912 called De Convictione? (Beszéd a meggyözödésröl) whirl torch determinstaly this line? More than ever, believe in the Christian interpretation of existence even though I am more convinced that the New Testament is insufficient. We are living in a post-Christian world.[1]

My book has arrived. It looks much nicer than I feared - the publishers put their head into it - I am referring to the agent's copy - I myself possess no copy yet. …

Editor's Notes

  1. French translation: « Plus que jamais, je crois dans l’interprétation chrétienne de l’existence, même si je suis plus convaincu que le Nouveau Testament est insuffisant. Nous vivons dans un monde postchrétien. »


Src : MPP 17/11