To Michael (10 March 1944)

From Karl Polanyi
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Dearest brother,

On March 11th fall your Ilona's birthdays. It {newest} be difficult to convince me entirely that this is a mere coincidence. It never comes {runned} without making me {faminty} feel how good after all life was to me. Since our daughter also is move and mure taking on a shape we like {Thone} who {mity} belong to me, seem to be fulfilling our {enbelucky}. We both congratulate you from all our hearth to the lesson confered on you. It is a good thought to ___ that we are at ___ with you, in this as in most things.

You have my "unqualified agreement" in your compagnie for the autonomy of science, whether it involves - as it must - criticism of USSR methods or not. Actually, I continue to believe that the ideologies will {whirls} "Communist-Jesuits" indoctrinate the Russian people are - as was the case with the Jesuits-"Christians". I find no difficulty {Mofove} in rejecting the esoteric theology of the working class while expecting the renaissance of when ideals in Russia. I have still to be shawn any other ideals than those of Vidman England's in


Reference: Src: MPP 17/11