To Joseph Needham (11 October 1934)

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[30] My dear Needham,

No new date from Gollancz yet. In spite of all my phone calls. I am writing to-day about it to him.

I propose to ask Auden to write his contribution during the Xmas vacation, and to fix it all up now, definitively.

I had an excellent long letter from Kitchin. I suggested that he should see you at home, or me next week at the latest.

After having read most of the Putterill stuff I decidedly favour […]


Macmurray was met by a great surprise in York. Both Temple and Oldham just agreed out of hand with his general attitude; the Master of Balliol fought a losing fight… John boosted the book; _______ they will be all expecting it…

Ever yours,

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KPA: 56/11, 30-31