To Eunice Lisowski (10 April 1943)

From Karl Polanyi
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Dear Miss Lisowski,

at Bryn Kawr College.

[…] I am sure that in my former and, perhaps, future boss, the Master of Balliol (Dr. Lindsay) from whom I had recently a few … Dr. Duggan …

I somehow feel that, in this connexion, it might be not a mistake on my part to state precise reason, personal though it be, which determines me to go home in spite of all but overwhelming inducements to continue on my work in this country. […]

… I hate, of course, to drop the Guggenheim research plan which I believe to be vital to our future relationship to Russia. It would be very lucky if I were commissioned in England to go ahead with it. I will certainly try all I can in that direction. […]

P.S. Harrar & Rinehart, who recently invited me - on the strength of my Harper's article - to write a book for them which would bring the philosophy and politics of democracy "up to date" have offered also to publish my first book, written under a Rockefeller Grant. I agreed.

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