To Abraham Rotstein (26 September 1958)

From Karl Polanyi
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Dear Abe: Thanks for keeping in touch with Paul M.[1] He agrees with me that the 100% negativism of the AER should be most welcome to us.

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I am sending his letter to Harry P[2]., with the request of mailing it at once to you, for I cannot have a copy made just now (please, have it copied yourself, if possible!) I consider asking Harry to mail to you the famous Menger, 2nd edition, German, together with my elaborate introduction to it. We might then send the AER a correspondence Note (?) on Menger, (and, incidentally, Rottenberg) which you might write, since Harry is still wrapped up in finishing his dissertation, while you are just taking up again the "two meanings".

(sgn) K.

P.S. I am writing to ask Harry for his opinion.

Editors Notes

  1. Paul Medow.
  2. Pearson


KPA: 50/03, 51