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== Text Informations ==
== Text Informations ==
'''Reference''':<br />
'''Reference''':<br />
1946<br />
'''Date''': [[1946]]<br />
'''KPA''': [[16/03]]
'''KPA''': [[16/03]]

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Syllabus of Course of Ten Lectures on the Changing Structure of Society



A. Societies and Economic Systems

Lecture I - Primitive Society


Lecture II - Trade and Markets

Lecture III - Feudal Society


Lecture IV - Strong Government and the Rise of Capitalism

B. Nineteenth Century Society

Lecture V - Market-Society

Lecture VI - Market and Man

Lecture VII - Market and Nature

Lecture VIII - The Self-Protection of Society

C. Towards a Less Economic Society

Lecture IX - Human Motives and Incentives

Lecture X - The Future of Peace and Freedom

Text Informations

Date: 1946
KPA: 16/03