The Programme and Goals of Radicalism: and Address to the General Assembly of the Radical Party

From Karl Polanyi
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[181] […]

… Sociological Society, the Hungarian Association of Free-thinkers, the Reform Club and the Galilei Circle, are no longer to be found in sociological works alone but are today written in bloody letters on the world-historical firmament!

[182] […] József Eötvös and Ferenc Deák …

István Tisza to Vilmos Vázsonyi, and facing … [183]

[184] … Marxist Marxism

[185] Zukunftstaat

[186] reform. The ideals that Marxism … these ideals are resurrected in their pure form and original form by radicalism: as the self-consciously executed reform project of society as a whole, under the direction of intellectual labour.

… the heirs of the great utopian: Henry George, H.G. Wells, Popper-Lynkeus, R. Goldscheid (de).

[187] …need to be realised: There is no other way.

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Original Publication: “A Radikalizmus Programmja és Célja”, 1 December 1918
KPA: 01/25 (14 p., copy of the original)
Recent Publication in English: in Polanyi 2016, p. 181-190
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FR Le programme et les buts du radicalisme