The Nature of the Present World Crisis

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Adelphi Summer School. Colchester, Essex. August, 1936.


[1] This subject bear in a special reference to the question raised last night: of the syndrom of a revolutionary socialist British democracy.

To this purpose general descriptions like “Decay of Capitalism” as insufficient.

We need a much fuller and closer understanding of the main aspects this crisis, something to explain the great measure of inevitability in this progress and the great measure inn which actual solutions continue to depend upon deliberate human activity, upon individual sacrifice.

Here again it is not enough to have some general definition of these two aspects as contained in philosophy of history, but we need an application to the actual process in our time. A definition of necessity freedom and f…

By the Nature of the present world crisis "we mean such an analysis of this process as will allow a final orientation of our individual life as a Socialist in England to-day.

The definition of the “present world crisis”

I. Where?

II. When?

III. Characteristics of the crisis

IV. Crisis of what?

V. The dynamic of action of a revolutionary Socialist under British democracy

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Original Publication: Adelphi Summer School, Colchester, Essex. August 1936
KPA: 21/05, 1-4
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