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via S.S. President Roosevelt

  • Why via S.S. Roosevelt? Somthing linked with this?: "On July 25th [1940] [Ozskár Jászi] appealed directly to President Roosevelt in regard to the “desperate plight of German, Austrian, Czech, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian émigrés who are left on French soil,” asking him to extend American consular protection to them and to facilitate their securing asylum in the United States. Through Prof. Alvin Johnson and other eminent individuals, he was to make particular efforts in the causes of his fellow countrymen Ignotus, László Fényes, Miklós Halász, Tibor Gergely (Máli’s second husband), and Zoltán Rónai, as well as the elderly German sociologist Franz Oppenheimer and Friedrich Wilhelm Foerster. His main assistance here came from Béla Halasi in New York, while Jászi’s wife was engaged in similar activities in other directions: “Recha’s immigration office continues to flourish—alas!” he mentions to Michael Polányi in September 1940.” György Litván, [2006] A Twentieth-Century Prophet: Oscar Jászi, 464. --Santiago Pinault (talk) 15:01, 18 October 2017 (BST)