Outlines of Policy on Jewish Question Arising During the Emergency Period in Central and Middle Eastern Europe

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Subjects for discussion:

1. Reintegration of the Jews in the community

a. Finances and business
Measures of the rehabilitation of the Jews still living in the country.
No absentes ownership and no preferential treatment of Jews in respect to reinstatement in property as compared with non-Jews.
b. Legal {Dalis}
restoration of the equality of legal status of Jews
institutional measures against anti-Jewish propaganda
c. religion
restoration of the Jewish religious community in its right and property

2. Jewish contribution to the fight against anti-Semitism

Recognition of the existence of a Jewish problem and of the necessity for all those who were the victims of Hitlerism to take up a definite attitude towards that problem. Jews should decide for themselves whether they wish to regard themselves as Jews primarily on religious grounds (orthodoxy) or on political grounds (Zionists); those belonging to neither of these groups should declare whether they believe in a separate Jewish contribution to the community of which they are members, or in their assimilation to that community as the ultimate solution of the Jewish problem (assimilants). Obviously a number of nominal Christians will belong to the latter groups.

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Date: 19451947
KPA: 08/02, 8