My Doubts (3)

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No one ever wondered at miracles. We haven't believed them since we've been amazed.

New cast the heretic Christians in front of the circus beasts. II. Philip threw Christian heresies before the Inquisition of the Church.

Jesus clearly recognized that money and protection can even pass a camel through the needle.

The word of thunder had once argued, albeit clearly but emphatically, for the existence of God. And as the core of every argument, God's arrow lightened. But ever since mankind invented the lightning rod, the word of Heaven has not been half as convincing.

Today the church would love to progress with age. But age does not go with the Church.

It is widely believed that atheism is a tasteless thing. And we find this view tasteless. For in vain, there is nothing less tasteful about applying the degree of taste in elementary questions.

At the heart of religion, perhaps he does not mind that science is no longer at issue. For beyond a degree of descent, it may be a real relief to him that mankind has given up on him, and that through gloom he will no longer be anxious.

The Church is not a doctrine, I would agree even with the principle of eternal progress, but only with the guarantee of the "status quo". p. k

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Original Publication: “Kétségeim”, Szabadgondolat, 3.10, 1913, p. 310.
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