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It is not certain that Jesus was a socialist. But he was certainly not a Christian Socialist.

The Church used to use lowly material means for the greater glory of God. Use the greater glory of God for your lowly material purpose today. "The purpose sanctifies the means" is still nicer than the "means sanctifies the means."

Since science began to know something, religion has become skeptical. The Age of Enlightenment was so blindly trusted in common sense that as soon as it recognized the errors of religions, the priests immediately declared themselves to be fraudulent. XIX. The pessimism of the twentieth century only found the depressing truth that the majority of the priesthood believe in their own deceptions, and even in the matter of revealing their transparent toys.

Plutocratic Jews are spiritually devout and grateful to the Roman Catholic Church, which thanks to its cheap wages, freedom of exploitation, and prosperity, pretends to be a devout Jew.

Jesus entered the Church today as Pilate entered the creed.

The power of religion is built on the deep psychological truth: Credo quia absurdum. Today, however, we do not consider anything to be impossible, at most improbable. And the unlikely was never believed.

The superstitious man believes in visible ghosts and the religious believes in invisible. The balance leans in favor of the superstition, because even misperceptions and imagination are far above mere credulity.

If Diana's salt wine had been preached as much as God's name in the last five thousand years, humanity would have long organized a church in his honor.

Science does not know everything, and it does not know what it does, modestly and politely X. Religion is never embarrassed in a real deceitful way, but simply puts the unknown and calls it "God."

Jesus said, Give to the state what is to the state. But he never said, Give it to the church that belongs to the state. Where people are the stupidest, most miracles happen. This is no wonder.

Religion has gone bankrupt and the Church is the mass caretaker. He won't let him die because he lives from it. p. k.

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Original Publication: Kétségeim, Szabadgondolat, September 1913, 282
KPA: 01/18, 8
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