McRobbie (dir.), Human Society and Commitment. On Karl Polanyi

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ROBBIE Kenneth Mc (dir.), [1994] Human Society and Commitment. On Karl Polanyi, Montréal, Black Rose Books, 177 p.


Introduction, Kenneth McRobbie

Part I

1. “Karl Polanyi's Lectures on General Economic History: A Student Remembers”, Daniel J. Fusfeld
2. “Prelude to the Great Transformation: Karl Polanyi's Articles for Der Österreichische Volkswirt”, Michele Cangiani
3. “Karl Polanyi and Socialist Education”, Marguerite Mendell

Part II

4. “From the Class Struggleto the "Clean Spring"”, Kennet McRobbie
5. “After Brotherhood's Golden Age: Karl and Michael Polanyi”, Endre J. Nagy

Part III

6. “Karl Polanyi as Socialist”, Kari Polanyi-Levitt
7. “Weekend Notes: Conversations with Karl Polanyi”, Abraham Rotstein

Part IV

8. “How Karl Polanyi's Moral Economy Can Help Religious and Other Social Critics”, Christopher Lind
9. “Karl Polanyi and Christian Socialism: Unlikely Identities”, Jordan Bishop