Letter to Michael, 1914

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My dear Misi,

tomorrow I am going to Versec to prepare the Monday meeting… I have reinforced the party and now I am running it… of course, I have always approached everything from the executive side, and this is how I lead now, too, but this offends many infantile adults. These days I am, perhaps Jászi’s most confidential man in the party. Everything is imputed to me. Not only in work, but in terms of moral leadership as well… The Galilei Circle has proven itself. It provided a whole host of workers in the nick of time… Jászi works a lot. He has proved to be the best of our people… But perhaps I am the hero of the action.

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Src: Quoted by Litván 1990, 31, and translation by György Litván. Must be between Summer 1914 and the end of 1915.
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