From Reicha Jászi (18 August 1943)

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Oberlin, Ohio
August 18th 1943

Dear Ilonna, dear Karli,

I wish you a happy journey and a happy return to England. And I wish that you will find your child as you wish to find her: healthy, good and happy and useful. How interesting it will be for your to see her development after such a long time of absence. […]

I have not [yet] read your essay Karli, but I am looking forward to do so after Oscar has left. Now I am to[o] much preoccupied. The garden takes a lot of time and canning too. I have quite a crop.

I think so often of Herman who really was the inspirator of this garden which became a great factor of my life, such outlet for energies, such consolation… Mother is frail and worried. […]

Mr. Drucker told me what a favorite teacher you have been in Bennington. -

Shall we ever see each other in a new world? I do not dare to repeat the {iour} freedoms. I do not expect to see in my life time such a new world.

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KPA: 47/13, 40-41