From Harry Pearson (1 February 1958)

From Karl Polanyi
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Bennington College
Bennington, Vt.

Febr. 1, 1958

Dear Karl,

I have gone ahead to set up the meeting for Febr. 15, that being a good date for Paul. It promises to be an interesting meeting, for Paul has run into an unrelenting wall of resistance from those -- mainly an economist -- who were sponsors of this book[1] and who were going to publish it but now apparently refuse to do so. This, as he explains it, is another example of the stern refusal by the economists (and, I think, others) to consider a substantive position for comparative economics. I really didn't believe this to be true, but now I small blood and feel that the battle is on!

All the more important, then, that the things we are doing be accomplished and secured. I now begin to see my way with the Commons book[2] which will be for me a thorough study on several levels: a comparison of Weber-Parsons approach with that of the concrete, operational institutionalists, whose interest is the economy; an examination of the American contribution through Commons; and finally a critical examination of Institutionnalism[.] In all of this there is more than one battle to fight.

I will have to save the many questions I have to ask you for the 14th or 16th.

As ever,
(signed) Harry

Editor's Notes

  1. “This book: “Freedom and Technology?” -- Santiago Pinault.
  2. Which one? -- Santiago Pinault

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