From Felix Schafer (27 May 1952)

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F. Schafer
178 Wadeston Rd.
New Zealand
27 - 5 - 52

Dr. Karl Polanyi

Dear Karl,

How are you and family? I have not heard for you from a considerable time. […]

First however I should like to introduce to you to two dear friends Mr. and Mrs. Lashmipathy. […]

Mr. Lakshmipathy is at present …

Though his country …


[9] And now a few words about our theorem. … “Atomistic and Holistic Theory”, by Göran Nyblén, … […]

The …

I answered that the manuscript of the article was lost, when I left Vienna in 1939 and that it was released to Mayer's solution of the imputation problem connecting this with our two idealtypes. I also wrote him a few remarks about his book and said that I would write again within three months, after I had read it twice. I also said, [10] that you would be pleased, if he would write … […]

This is all for now about the book. I hope to tell you more in a few weeks …



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KPA: 58/10, 8-10