Contract for publication of The Great Transformation with Victor Gollancz - 1944

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[6] MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT made this 21th day of November 1944 BETWEEN Karl Polanyi ℅ Farrar & Rinehart Inc., 232 Madison Avenue, New York 16, N.Y., U.S.A., (hereinafter termed he Author) of the one part AND Messrs. Victor Gollancz Limited, of 14 Henriette Street, Covent Garden, London, W.C.2., England (hereinafter termed the Publishers) f the other part WHEREBY it is mutually agreed as follows concerning a non-fiction work by the Author entitled:-


1. The publishers shall … […]

2. The publishers… […]

3. The Author warrants… […]

4. The Publishers… […]

[9] Signed on behalf of VICTOR GOLLANCZ LTD.

Contract Informations

Date: 21 November 1944
KPA: 13/04, 5-9