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KPI Description

Title Correspondence: Kari Levitt - Karl Polanyi, 1941-1963
Author Karl Polanyi, Kari Levitt
Description File consists mainly of hand-written letters between Karl Polanyi and his daughter Kari Levitt. There are a few hand-written letters from Karl Polanyi to his grandchildren Harry and Tommy Levitt, and two hand-written letters from Tommy and Harry to Karl Polanyi. Included in the file is a hand-written, and several typed drafts, titled "Notes on Premature Resignation" by Karl Polanyi, written to his daughter Kari in a form of letter. The correspondence is in English.
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10694/262
Date 1941-1963


Name Date P.
Letter to Kari (01.1963) 1963.01 40-41
Biographical notes to Kari-Polanyi-Levitt 1962 42-45
Sheet of paper with a fragment of „Entchluss“ by Hegel [n.d.] 57-58
To Kari (25 January 1962?) 1962.01.25? 64-65