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Title Felix Schafer: Karl Polanyi's Life in Vienna - Memoirs, 1973-1974
Author Schafer, Felix
Description File consists of Felix Schafer’s own typed translation into English of his German Karl Polanyi’s memoirs. 19p., 82p., 19p., and, 35p. The memoirs are incomplete and are accompanied by three typed letter from Felix Schafer to Ilona Duczynska, dated 5/9/73, to George Dalton, dated 5/9/73, and to Kari Levitt, dated 5/12/74
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10694/453
Archive Date 1973-1974

The content

Name Code P.
Felix Schafer, Some memories on Karl Polanyi in Vienna (1973-1974) Schafer 1973b 4-107
Felix Schafer, Some Links Between the Early and Later Work of Karl Polanyi Schafer 1973 108-143