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KPI Description

Title Christian Left Group: Bulletin, no. 1 - “Trotzkyism. Earlier Works of Marx”,
Author Polanyi, Karl
Description File consists of one complete typed draft of Bulletin, no.1, 13p. Several annotated typed draft statements for Bulletin, no.1, including several draft statements by the Christian Left Group. The file also contains Karl Polanyi’s annotated typed draft on “Marx on Self-Estrangement”. There are two versions: an annotated typed earlier version 7p., and a typed final draft 5p.
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10694/727
Date 2010-09-08


Name Author P.
The Trotzkyst Problem ? 3-4
Trotsky's Position Karl Polanyi 4-5
The Revolution Betrayed W.D.M. 6-7
The Marxian Theory of Self-Estrangement Karl Polanyi 8-9
Bibliographical notes on the earlier works of Marx 10-11
Draft Statement by a Christian Left Group 12-13