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KPI Description

Title Lectures - United States Lecture Tour 1936 - Notes, 1936.
Author Polanyi, Karl
Description Notes File contains the following annotated typed notes for lectures by Karl Polanyi: Lecture: "The Corporate State". University of Colorado. Boulder, Colorado, October 13, 1936. 1p. Lecture: "Great Britain's Foreign Policy To-day". English Speaking Union. Cincinnati, Ohio, October 19, 1936. 1p. Lecture: "The Spanish Situation". Utah State Agricultural College, Utah, November 3, 1936. 2 drafts: first version: 3p., second version: pp. 2-4 (incomplete). Lecture: "A key to European Politics". University of Utah, Utah, November 6, 1936. 2p.
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10694/550
Archive Date 2010-08-25