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KPI Description

Title Karl Polanyi: Notes on readings, 1934-1946
Author Polanyi, Karl
Description File consists of Karl Polanyi’s hand-written and annotated typed notes on imperialism, balance of power, 100 years’ peace, nationalism, international finance, world politics, international relations, and C. E. Vaughan’ Studies in the History of Political Philosophy Before and After Rousseau , and references to O. Spann, C.J. Hayes, A. Hobson, and J. Schumpeter, among others. The file also contains a page of hand-written bibliography. The notes and bibliography are in English.
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10694/521
Archive Date 2010-08-19


Name Year P.
Reading Notes on Morton 2-18
Reading Notes on C.E. Vaughan 3-19
Capitalism and Peace 22
Notes on C.J.H. Hayes 24-39
Notes on Parker Thomas Moon 40-41
Schumpeter 44
O. Spann: Imperialism 49-50
Hobson: The Export of Capital 51-52
Staley: War and the private 1935 53-67
Notes on Nationalism 68-69
H. Feis: England-The World's Banker 70-83
C.F. Remer: Foreign investments in China 1941•1943 86-
The discovery of Society 97-

Mr. Horton

[2] You argue …

T'ang (L.L.) and Miller (M.W.)

[84] (Ec.) 1925 […]

For documents of […]

WITTE Witte's Memoirs on “The Loan that saved Russia” 1906
Econ situation entirely disregarded
(from B. Russel's _____ against the “crime against Russia, against liberty, and against humanity.”


[85] […]

C.F. Remer: Foreign investments in China


[99] Balance of Power


Burke II.15. 1787 […]

Burke publ. 1815 (Speeches) …system of balanced power in Europe.
Thoughts on the Fr. Affa 1791 … if the scheme of public law of E. a mass of laws upon which that equilibrium…


Toynbee, A Study of History

Vol. III 121. 301. sequ 345 n. […]

R. L. Buell: International Relations

Isaiah Bowman, PhD: The New World. 1921