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KPI Description

Title Lecture – N. t. - Notes, 1927[1]
Author Polanyi, Karl
Description File contains two typed untitled manuscripts of Karl Polanyi’s lecture notes addressing socialist students. One draft is annotated. 34p.
URI http://hdl.handle.net/10694/169
Date 2010-08-10


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  1. Here there is an evident contradiction between this year and the fact that 'Helmstreitmühle' and [1921-22] is written on the first page. 'Helmstreitmühle' is the name of a pension where he wrote this text. “A handful of Hungarian intellectuals, (…) had found sanctuary in in the “Helmstreitmühle“ in the Hinterbrühl near Vienna. [Duczynska 1970, 309]. K. Polanyi-Levitt and M. Mendell call this, the Schwarzenberger's pension: ”Ilona met him at Schwarzenberger's pension on the outskirts of Vienna, which sheltered several other Hungarian refugees.” [1987, 21]